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  • The 2nd RISC-V Meetings

    The "2nd RISC-V Meetings" are organised by IRT Nanoelec and CEA will take place at the Espace Van Gogh, 62 quai de la rapée (close to Paris Gare de Lyon train station).
    2nd RISC - V Meetings
  • Registration fees for each category are listed below:
    Phd Students Academics Industrials
    Before 8th September 2019 After 8th   September 2019 Before 8th September 2019 After 8th  September 2019 Before 8th September 2019 After 8th September 2019
    60 € 72 € 120 € 144 € 180 € 198 €
  • Lunches

    Lunch Tuesday 1st October
    Lunch on Wednesday 2nd October
  • Set meals are provided, but we will accommodate truly medical allergies. Please list below:

  • Scientific Day IRT SE & GDR SOC2: RISC-V for critical embedded systems

    The "Scientific Day IRT SE & GDR SOC2: RISC-V for critical embedded systems", organised by IRT St-Exupéry and GDR SOC2 of CNRS, will take place at the Jussieu campus on Thursday 3rd October, from 8h00 until 16h15.
    I will attend on Thursday 3rd October Full
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    Until 08/09/2019: full reimbursement of registration fees
    After 09/09/2019: no reimbursement of registration fees
    Cancellation penalty will be waived if a substitute registration is offered.
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    2nd RISC-V Meetings

    Scientific Day IRT SE & GDR SOC2
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